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Youth Motivational Speaker & Poet

Top Youth Motivation Speaker

I truly understand what it feels like to try and form and discover identity and purpose. Set backs are not really set backs, but launching pads into overcoming the impossible.  I share through my own struggles and relate to young people. I truly enjoy my mission as a Youth Speaker.

Dewayne’s ability to connect with the audience of teens is a rare gift and is one you don’t want your audience to miss.

Dewayne can relate to teens, especially at risk youth. Knowing what it is like to be fatherless,counted out, bullied, made fun of, rejected and stereotyped among other things. He believes that our lives only improve when we take risk. The first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.


Wow. you are really inspiring with such a powerful story. You encourage me to make good grades in school and start my own business. When are you coming back?

Imagine…..capturing an audience with free-style rap, spoken word and laughter, drawing them in, comfortable and building trust.  When you least expect it, real life comes into view. 

Whenever I hear you speak about kids I find myself crying. You are truly a gifted speaker. The best is yet to come for you. You have my full support.

Audience: Teens/Young Adults/Church Youth Groups 

You will be touched by the emotional struggle that I share. My rough upbringing and adulthood tragedies do not end in sadness. It rises above discouragement to show how anyone can turn their life around for the better.


Dewayne Smithers

I’m blazing a trail for youth motivational speaking & the art of spoken word.

Dewayne is a top youth motivational speaker. He has established a reputation as a speaker, spoken word & hip hop artist who can inspire any youth and young adult despite background, race or gender. Dewayne offers up a healthy balanced dose of real life up to date advice that he calls “Reality Check”, but on your side. His speaking ability in front of a crowd of youth is truly an amazing thing to witness.


Turning tragedy to testimony

4148_1155199283171_4252105_nAs a youth, he was taught how to be a con artist, playboy, thief and started selling drugs at the age of 15. To deal with the struggle, he mastered the art of freestyle rap. At the age of 18, he dropped out of high school and ran the streets. At he age of 22, he was faced with ten years in prison for selling drugs, but the judge gave me another chance, three months in jail and two years probation. At the age of 24, he became a Christian and obtained his GED. From there, he went on to Eastern Kentucky University and graduated with a B.A in Broadcast & Communications.

Since then, he has been traveling to churches, NFL Hall of Fame events, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, youth camps, college campuses, concerts, workshops and even across seas to Ghana Africa sharing my story and how you can turn any tragedy into a testimony.

Overcoming life’s obstacles

Having overcome low self esteem, depression, stereo types and many of life’s obstacles, he strives to pass this knowledge on to anyone who will listen. His relentless optimism and story of victory truly inspire people to battle through anything and use their trials as a golden opportunity to shape the present and future as they desire to live.

Dewayne is perfect for Freshman Orientation and College Keynote Lectures. Dewayne can move a Leadership Conference full of young motivated attendees to take action and to reflect on the importance of leadership and principles that make a great leader.

When you  book Dewayne as a speaker for your event , you get a speaker that knows how to reach any audience and set them off on a journey of self-exploration and change.

Dynamic and compassionate, Dewayne is chosen as a speaker by churches, schools and colleges for his ability to engage teens and young adults while educating them about the real life challenges they face. His stories encourage, inspire, and empower both teens and adults.

The Message

“You Were Born For More”

384921_868398866657_2068449896_nTopics Include

  • Overcoming Adversity
  • You Are Not A Failure; Just A Learner
  • Finding Your Identity:Who Are You? 
  • Setting Goals:Dream big


I speak at a range of different events:

Middle school assemblies, high school assemblies, college events, student leadership conferences, foster care events, churches, and youth camps.

Dewayne shares his own personal stories about growing up as fatherless and troubled kid, how he overcame many of life obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long are Dewayne’s presentations? 

 A. I’m actually pretty flexible with this. My presentations are typically 60 minutes, but we can shorten it or lengthen it to meet your schedule. My job is to serve you. Let me know your time constraints and we’ll make it work.

How much is the investment for Dewayne to come and speak?

 A. I have a fee structure with different options. I understand that churches, schools and colleges all have different budgets. Email me and we’ll discuss this in more detail.

How much are travel expenses?

 A.  I can offer one of two options for travel expenses. 1) My speaking fee + travel expenses which consist of the usual stuff to get me from point A to point B (airfare, hotel, ground transportation, meals, ect).  2) All-Inclusive package and I cover the travel expenses. You only have to mess with one invoice and one line item for your budget. It’s easier for everyone that way.

We have a limited budget…

 A.  I understand many churches/schools/groups have different budgets. I want to do everything I can to help you out.  If you’re willing to commit, I’m willing to work within your budget. Contact me and I can help you figure out the best option for your needs as well as your budget.

What drives your passion and keeps you going?

 A.  My love for Christ and helping young people overcome adversity.

Can you hold a date for us?

 A.  Absolutely. Once we agree on a date and time just put down a 50% deposit.  If I have to cancel for any reason, the deposit will be fully refunded to you with in five business days.  Deposits are non-refundable otherwise.

How can we find out if you are available?

 A.  The best thing to is just email me. I’ll let you know if a date is available or not.

Who inspired you to become a motivational speaker and poet?

 A.  Everyone I meet is an inspiration. The experiences in my life have taught me to see the good in all things and all people despite the bad in the world. This is my daily routine and reflects what I truly want in life.

How did you get started speaking?

 A. I started rapping when I was 10. When I was 12, I had a vision of myself with a microphone speaking to crowds.  I ran for school president in elementary school, but lost. People in my life always told me I had a voice to speak and help people because of what I have personally been through.


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