Dewayne spoke at a youth event that had 500 students in attendance. After Dewayne spoke, he was approached by a married couple who were moved and inspired by his message to the youth. So much so that they gifted him with a check for $500 dollars. 

Why should you sponsor Dewayne or donate to his work? Some schools don’t have the budget to bring Dewayne to speak to their students but he goes any way despite having to cover the cost out of his own pocket. He has spoken at so many schools and youth events for free because he loves working with youth. He never wants to tell a school he can’t come because they don’t have a budget. 

Your one-time or monthly donation/sponsorship goes toward helping schools or youth events bring Dewayne in for little or to no cost on their part. We will soon set up a donor/sponsor page with your name and picture or a personal video from Dewayne to you. Imagine how you can be an inspiration for others to be a sponsor or donor to help support the vision of Dewayne in being a Hope Dealer to this generation of youth and those to come. We also welcome Corporate/Business donations or sponsorships. Your gifts are greatly appreciated.                                            

donations are not tax-deductible
you can deduct your sponsorship as an Advertising expense
as long as you were a published sponsor on our sponsor page