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Dewayne Smithers is a Youth Motivational Speaker, Author, Spoken Word & Hip Hop Artist from Lexington, KY. He is blessed with an awesome opportunity to give presentations at schools, youth events, colleges, & churches all across the world from America to Ghana, Africa with his message entitled “Flawesome” with a focus on Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Bullying, Mental Health, Self-Esteem, Social Media, Choices, Relationships & More.

Flawsome Mentorship Program

Learn about Dewayne’s six-week mentorship program designed to help individuals conquer mental and emotional barriers that may be holding them back.

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My Experience

Dewayne Smithers is a Youth Motivational Speaker, Author, Spoken Work & Hip Hop Artists from Lexington, Ky.

Dewayne dropped out of High School at 18 but received his GED at 24 and graduated from Eastern Kentucky in 2005 with B.A in Broadcasting & Communications. Since then he’s successfully presented his message, spoken word & hip hop nationally and internationally at various detention centers, NFL Hall of Fame Events, colleges, churches, and schools.

Having overcome low self-esteem, depression, stereotypes and many of life’s obstacles, Dewayne strives to pass this knowledge on to the youth of this generation, our future leaders. His relentless optimism and story of victory truly inspires people to battle through anything and use their trials as a golden opportunity to shape the present and future as they desire to live. One of his favorite quotes comes from an ancient writer “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desired is fulfilled, it becomes a tree of life.” His passion is to teach our youth not to lose hope and how to fulfill their dreams. He would enjoy the opportunity to present to your students this school year or next. Let me come and rock with your youth.

Flawesome Mentorship Program
Mentorship Program


Welcome to my Flawesome Mentorship Program for youth and youth adults.

This is a six-week program for each person. We talk once a week through Zoom or FaceTime. Each session is one hour long one on one. Everything discussed is fully confidential unless it’s a life or death situation. Each person will get my full attention to help them conquer mental and emotional barriers that may be holding them back. I wish I had someone like me as a mentor in my teens and twenties. If I did, my life would be much better and further along. Let me you to become a better you. If you are under 18, we will need your parent’s or guardians’ permission.

Mentorship Program Price Option 1:
  • $180 for the six-week session, once a week.
  • The price must be paid upfront.
Mentorship Program Price Option 2:
  • $35 per one-hour session.
  • The price must be paid before the session start.
Thank you for your interest in my Flawesome Mentorship Program.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

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